Sally Hansen InstaDri and Crayola Nail Polish Collection

Sally Hansen Instadri Crayola Nail Polish Review Swatches

In celebration of back to school, Sally Hansen has partnered with Crayola to create 12 new polishes inspired by classic Crayola crayon colours. The polishes have cute little Crayola bottle caps, and it might just be me but the polishes smell like crayons too.


The Crayola polishes feature the classic Instadri formula, a 3-in-1 base coat, colour and top coat with 60-second drying time. Nail polish application is made easier with a wide, round brush to get the perfect shape close to the cuticles. The polish itself is thin and a little bit dry, which can be streaky going over the nail. However, for smoother application try a base coat plus slightly more polish on the brush than you would usually use in one go.

Most of the colours are opaque in two coats, including White, which makes me one very happy camper. I’ve been on the hunt for a fast-drying, opaque white nail polish and I think this Sally Hansen Crayola White might be the one.

The polish chips after 1-2 days without top coat, which is not ideal. That being said, this issue can be fixed with a good top coat that can make the Sally Hansen InstaDri nail polishes last up to a week on my fingertips.


In three words, the Sally Hansen InstaDri X Crayola collection is vivid, bright and fun. You can find all of seven colours of the rainbow (ROYGBIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – in case you forgot that Day 1, Grade 1 art class) in nail polish form, as well as additional shades of pink, red, purple, blue and a basic white.

White, Dandelion and Carnation Pink are my personal favourites. Despite the weather getting colder, a crisp, white nail and spring tones always put me in a good mood.


Sally Hansen Crayola White Nail Polish Swatch
White is a crisp, solid white.
Sally Hansen Crayola Dandelion Nail Polish Swatch
Dandelion is a bright primary yellow.
Sally Hansen Crayola Sunset Orange Nail Polish Swatch
Sunset Orange is a beachy bright hue orange that leans slightly yellow.
Sally Hansen Crayola Wild Strawberry Nail Polish Swatch
Scarlet is a hot orangey red.
Sally Hansen Crayola Scarlet Nail Polish Swatch
Wild Strawberry is the perfect primary red.
Sally Hansen Crayola Razzmatazz Nail Polish Swatch
Razzmatazz is a raspberry red.
Sally Hansen Crayola Carnation PInk Nail Polish Swatch
Carnation Pink is a vivid light pink.
Sally Hansen Crayola Vivid Violet Nail Polish Swatch
Vivid Violet is a deep purple.
Sally Hansen Crayola Purple Heart Nail Polish Swatch
Purple Heart is a cool-toned blue-purple.
Sally Hansen Crayola Cerulean Nail Polish Swatch
Cerulean is a bright sea blue.
Sally Hansen Crayola Denim Nail Polish Swatch
Denim is a primary blue.
Sally Hansen Crayola Granny Smith Apple Nail Polish Swatch
Granny Smith Apple is a slightly yellowy-green.


Price and Availability: $5.95 CAD at mass drugstore retailers as of August 2017.

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